What is a Nerve Block Treatment? 

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Have you heard of a nerve block? This medical treatment is widely administered for temporary pain relief and can even be used to diagnose the root cause of your pain. 

Nerve blocks can be very beneficial for some, but not all, individuals struggling with pain, injuries, and chronic conditions. Read on to learn more!

What is a Nerve Block?

A nerve block treatment is an injection of medication near a particular nerve or group of nerves. It’s performed for temporary relief from acute or chronic pain, as well as pain from a surgical procedure. Nerve blocks work by keeping nerve signals from reaching the brain. 

Nerve blocks are generally considered a temporary treatment, not a long-term solution, for pain. They can alleviate inflammation, pain signaling issues, or surgery-related discomfort. Additionally, physicians may use nerve blocks to help pinpoint the cause of your pain. If the nerve block alleviates your discomfort, it indicates that the targeted nerves are the root of the problem. 

Types of Nerve Blocks

Many types of nerve blocks exist, including:

  • Genicular nerve blocks, which may alleviate chronic knee pain or help manage pain after knee surgery
  • Lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks, which can help with chronic back and/or leg pain from conditions including sciatica
  • Stellate ganglion nerve blocks, which can address pain in the neck, head, upper chest, and upper arm
  • Occipital nerve blocks, which can help with chronic migraine

These are just a few of many possible nerve block treatments. 

Are Nerve Blocks Right for Me?

Nerve blocks are generally considered safe for qualifying patients. However, they’re not considered a long-term solution for chronic pain, so you shouldn’t rely on them for lasting relief. 

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