X-Ray Services

X-ray imaging has been used by doctors for years to help diagnose and treat a multitude of medical conditions. Our experienced professionals at Hernando Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery can help you get the imaging you need quickly and safely.

What Is an X-Ray?

An X-ray uses radiation to help your doctor see your bones, muscles, and other internal structures without having to make an incision. As X-ray particles move through the body, dense structures like bones fight against that penetration. This is what allows your bones to show up in the image and your doctor to see past your skin.

How X-Rays Are Used

The ability to see through to the bone is helpful for a variety of different reasons and can help your doctor:

  1. Examine an area causing pain
  2. Monitor certain diseases’ progression
  3. See how the body is responding to treatment

Getting an X-Ray

Having an X-ray is a painless and speedy process, generally taking about 15-20 minutes for smaller areas and 30-40 minutes for full-body X-rays. You will be asked to move into a few different positions, depending on what area you need to have X-rayed, and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you in any way during the process.

Make an Appointment Today

While X-rays are a painless and simple procedure, you still need to have them done by trusted professionals with the knowledge to create usable images who value your personal care plan. Contact us today at 352-688-6035 to schedule an appointment with Hernando Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery for top-quality X-rays and customer service.

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