Types of Broken Bones: Symptoms, Treatment, Healing

Types of Broken Bones: Symptoms, Treatment, Healing
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Bones provide strength and support to hold your body up against gravity. Also necessary to protect your vital organs, bones are an essential part of the body. When a bone is put under extreme pressure, however, a fracture can occur. Broken bones are a common injury and are classified by many different terms.

Here, we’ll learn about the main types of broken bones, as well as the symptoms and treatments associated with them


Understanding the Types of Broken Bones

The characteristics of broken bones can vary greatly. This means that there’s a wide range of terms used to identify the types of broken bones, including:


A bone break is considered transverse when the fracture extends across the bone.



As you may have guessed, a spiral fracture spirals around the bone.



An oblique fracture runs diagonally across the bone



A comminuted bone break is present in at least three parts with multiple fractures.



A segmental fracture refers to one bone with fractures in two places. This leads to a segment of bone that’s “floating.”



A compression fracture occurs when the bone is crushed, leading to a widening or flattening of the injured bone.



Greenstick refers to an incomplete fracture. Unlike other types of broken bones, a greenstick fracture isn’t fully separated.



An open fracture is a bone break in which the bone penetrates and protrudes through the skin.


Treating Broken Bones

Treating a broken bone starts with stabilizing and immobilizing the fractured bone, generally involving a splint or cast. Immobilizing the fracture encourages the bone to go back into alignment and prevents mobility in the injured area, given that moving the broken bone inhibits the healing process. Pain medication may also be used to manage pain from a fractured bone.


In treatment for a broken bone, traction or surgery may also be used. Traction is a treatment method in which the muscles and tendons are stretched around the fractured bone to help align it. Surgery for a broken bone isn’t always required, but may be needed to support and position bone fragments.


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