Common Causes of ACL Injuries

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The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a tough section of tissue that links the thigh bone to the shinbone. This ligament is essential for knee stability but is also susceptible to injury. The most prevalent ACL injuries include tears and sprains. 

What Causes ACL Injuries?

There are several possible causes of ACL injuries, but the most common include:

Quickly Pivoting or Changing Directions

Fast pivots and changes of direction are among the most common causes of ACL tears. This risk factor is especially prevalent among basketball players, soccer players, football players, and downhill skiers. 

Landing On One Leg

Landing on one leg puts a high amount of stress on the knee and may lead to an ACL injury. This cause of ACL issues is particularly common among basketball and volleyball players, as well as dancers.

A Direct Hit To The Knee

A sudden blow to the knee can cause ACL injuries, particularly if the knee is bent inward or hyperextended. 

Repeated Strain on The Knee

If the knee is repeatedly put under a high degree of stress, the ACL may become less elastic, making it more prone to injury. 

Suddenly Coming To a Stop After Running

If you suddenly come to a stop after running, the ACL may extend past its normal range of motion, potentially leading to injury.  

Twisting The Knee 

Especially after a fall or landing a jump strangely, the knee may twist or bend backward. These positions can force the ACL out of its normal range of motion, leading to injury. 

ACL injuries are most frequently seen among athletes but can affect anyone, at any age. At Hernando Orthopaedic, we offer both non-invasive and surgical solutions for ACL injuries. If you’re experiencing persistent knee pain, schedule an appointment with us today.