Can Broken Bones Repair Themselves?

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Young woman with crutch and broken leg in cast at home
A broken bone is an extremely common injury among people of all ages. Many patients who incur a broken bone wonder if they can leave it to heal on its own, rather than visiting a doctor. While some circumstances may be just right for a broken bone to heal without treatment, this approach won’t work in every case. Without treatment, there’s a significant risk that the bone won’t repair itself properly and may cause more problems down the line. 


Broken Bone Treatment

The goal in treating a broken bone is to create the ideal conditions for the bone’s natural healing process. This mainly involves immobilizing the joint so that the bone heals in proper alignment. Immobilizing the injured bone can also lessen pain, discomfort, and inflammation. 



A cast may be recommended for some patients with broken bones. The cast will keep the broken bone aligned for many weeks, allowing it to heal in the optimal position. Broken bones in the leg may also require crutches or a wheelchair to prevent the patient from putting weight on the bone while it’s healing. 


Tape, Splints, Braces, Slings, and Surgery

Casts are usually used in the treatment of broken bones in the arms and legs. In treating some cases of a broken bone, other methods may be used, such as tape, splints, braces, slings, or even surgery. Surgery is typically only used to treat a broken bone when all other methods won’t be effective. An orthopaedic surgeon like Dr. Higgins may perform surgery for a broken bone to align the bone with internal screws and plates.    Even if the fracture is minor, it’s crucial to seek out treatment for a broken bone. Otherwise, the bone may not heal properly, causing worsening pain and inflammation. With treatment, patients can make a full recovery from a broken bone and regain the function of the formerly fractured bone.    If you break a bone, visit Hernando Orthopaedic immediately for treatment. The sooner you receive treatment for a bone fracture, the faster it will heal.