Everyday Things That Are Hurting Your Back

Back pain is a prevalent cause of pain and discomfort among patients today. While back pain may stem from an injury or condition that is often caused or worsened by lifestyle habits.

Things that you do every day may be contributing to your back pain. This means that you have the power to reduce your pain just by making small changes to your daily routine. By kicking the habits listed below, you’ll lessen the strain on your back for long-lasting back pain relief. 

Poor Posture

Poor posture is one of the biggest culprits of back pain. When you slouch or sit hunched over, you’re keeping your spine out of alignment. This can put pressure on the tissues around the vertebrae, leading to back pain. So by improving your posture, you’ll also improve the alignment of your spine and relieve strain on the surrounding nerves, muscles, and soft tissues. 


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Can Spinal Stenosis Be Reversed?

Spinal stenosis is a condition associated with the narrowing of the spaces in the spine. With reduced space in the spinal canal, the spinal cord or nearby nerves can get pinched, inflamed, or compressed. This can lead to back pain, weakness, numbness, and sciatica. 

While spinal stenosis isn’t generally reversible, there are many different methods that can be used to successfully treat it. The advanced orthopaedic treatments available at Hernando Orthopedic & Spinal Surgery can help patients attain lasting relief from symptoms of spinal stenosis. 


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How Soon Can I Drive After Orthopaedic Surgery?
transport, business trip and people concept - senior businessman hands driving car

How Soon Can I Drive After Orthopaedic Surgery?

If you’ll soon be undergoing orthopaedic surgery, you likely have many questions about what to expect during the recovery period. Specifically, patients often inquire about when they’ll be able to…

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